Bag BG024



Unique bag from a banner



Unique bags made from recycled banners. 

This banners have been used to introduce a new district in Groningen

A waste to throw away and still beautiful enough to make something unique out of it.

Material: PVC = strong material, splash-proof and easy to clean.

Unique: Every bag is different. It is not possible to make 2 exactly the same ones.

Size: 40 x 35 x 8 cm

The dimensions vary a little per bag.

Colors : green, lightblue, yellow

Working method:

First, the banners are cleaned thoroughly. After that, beautiful pieces are carefully selected for a bag.

Everything is cut to size and then  the bag can be put together.


The handles (black) are made from used car belts.

This material is soft and comfortable to wear and super strong.


The bag  has always 2 different sides that match nicely

The inside is white and has no side pockets.

It has an extra strong bottom.


Recycling, old banners and used belts from scrap cars from local companies.

Handmade, handcraft


Good to know, from each bag I donate an amount to the UMCG Kanker Research Fonds



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