This is a selection of beautiful women who own a design by me.

Ofcourse there are a lot of more customers .So if you have a lovely photo of yourself with my jewelry?

please send it ,and maybe your picture will be hanging also in this wall of happy customers.

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Lea says: “It is an object in which I feel very nice, light and stylish.

I wear it to concerts and the theater and further I wear it ‘just’ at home … in the evening with or without a glass of wine and visitors.

Meanwhile I have a number of objects of Jeanet and wear it with pleasure, from chic to jeans”.


Mariza says: I do not mind saying, in allmodesty, that the piece of jewelry

Jeanet Metselaar has designed for me matches my personality and music, especially through her use of exceptional materials – not the obvious choice for jewelry- and her playing with space. That is what I also strive for with my music